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Join the Havoc & Help Us
Support Student Athletes!

About Us

Havoc Unlimited Collective is an organization established to empower student-athletes at Virginia Commonwealth University by harnessing the potential of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. Through our dedicated initiatives, we not only create a dynamic platform for student-athletes to maximize their individual brands but also cultivate a nurturing environment that fosters personal development, financial security, and a pathway to future success. By becoming a part of Havoc, you are embracing a vibrant community that wholeheartedly believes in the boundless potential of every student-athlete.

Hear from our Community Partners

Our community partners love working with our athletes!

“We were thrilled to have Zeb, Rose, and Christian serve as celebrity servers at Tablespoons Bakery! Their attendance brought us new customers and helped us spread our mission of empowering young adults with developmental disabilities.”
— Elizabeth Redford, The Next Move Program
“VCU stars have been to visit our Richmond location on multiple occasions. They spent time signing autographs, taking pictures, and even played a game of one-on-one! This means so much to the families we support.”
— Margaret Holland, enCircle
“We’ve partnered with VCU athletes to bring smiles to nonprofits around Virginia. VCU athletes have traveled as far as Roanoke, Virginia to bring their unique perspective, talents and energy to our community partners.”
— Rohana Meade, Synergy Technical
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how to get involved

Every contribution, big or small, can make a difference for these athletes. By contributing and spreading the word, you can help Havoc Unlimited Collective achieve its mission and make a positive impact on the lives of these student-athletes. We’re grateful for all of your support!


The most direct way to support VCU student-athletes through Havoc Unlimited Collective is by making a financial contribution. We offer a variety of annual subscriptions with exclusive perks to include all who want to support the efforts of the collective.  


Spread information about Havoc Unlimited Collective's mission and objectives on your social media accounts, with friends, family, and colleagues. Encouraging others to get involved and support VCU student-athletes will help raise awareness and attract more supporters.


Message Havoc Unlimited Collective through our website or social media channels to inquire about specific ways you can get involved with volunteer opportunities, partnerships, etc.

Athlete Testimonials

"I've been able to participate in multiple NIL opportunities to support local nonprofits that serve the disability community. It's been so much fun getting to know their program participants!"
Roosevelt Wheeler
Men's Basketball
“I believe that NIL can have a very positive impact on the student athlete experience, and I have already seen it first-hand. This past spring I participated in an NIL opportunity with the SPCA that led to an internship opportunity.”
Mykel Parham
Women's Basketball
“I’ve had several opportunities to participate in NIL activities. Through these activities, I’ve learned that I have the power to help people in the community. This has been such a great experience for me.”
Zeb Jackson
Men's Basketball
"My experience meeting with the girls from Girls on The Run was amazing. NIL opportunities provide us a great way to give back to the local community."
Grace Hutson
Women's Basketball

Membership Options

Corporate Partners


Ask Us Anything

NIL gives student-athletes the right to publicity and marketing opportunities that non-athlete students already have but that the NCAA previously didn’t allow.

The landscape for college sports has changed. Previously, when evaluating programs, highly sought-after athletes would look at practice facilities, opportunities for national exposure, conference strength, etc. Now, NIL opportunities are part of the equation. If VCU doesn’t have a strong NIL collective to support our athletes, we won’t be able to compete for solid recruits. We may also have trouble keeping existing talent.

The collective receives funding through a combination of individual and corporate sponsorships. 100% of the funding is used to support student-athletes through NIL opportunities.

We connect VCU student-athletes with local organizations in the Richmond community in various capacities. Student-athletes receive payment for partnering with the organization through their Name, Image, and Likeness, and payment for activities as they are completed.

The advisory board includes local business leaders, VCU alums, and former VCU student-athletes.

No. Student-athletes are paid for activities performed. No payments are made unless the student-athlete completes the agreed-upon commitments.

These activities will vary, including appearances at local non-profit fundraising events, working with kids at local organizations and schools, and other paid activities.

Opportunities are available to sponsor events and partner with the collective to engage with student-athletes. Complete the contact us form to speak to someone from the collective, and we’ll get right back to you.

Contributions are not currently tax deductible. 

Sign up for the collective!

Consider if there are local businesses or non-profit organizations that you believe would benefit from an association with the collective.

No. You may engage with student-athletes directly through the INFLCR EXCHANGE to offer payments to players in exchange for NIL opportunities.

Let’s Work Together to bring our athletes opportunities